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The Amicale des Anciens et Amis de la Légion Etrangère de la Suisse alémanique et du Tessin was founded in 1993.

Objectives were the care of the camaraderie, help with the integration of former legionnaires, help for former legionnaires with social and moral problems and the link to the official organs in Paris and Aubagne.

Another objective was to objective information on the subject of the French Fopreign Legion as well as improving the image of the same.

The statutes are in German.
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Livre Blanc

Defense strategy of France until 2019.





The French Foreign Legion–mysterious, romantic, deadly–is filled with men of dubious character, and hardly the place for a proper Englishman just nineteen years of age. Yet in 1960, Simon Murray traveled alone to Paris, Marseilles, and ultimately Algeria to fulfill the toughest contract of his life: a five-year stint in the Legion. Along the way, he kept a diary.



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Care of camaraderie

Support of former legionnaires


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Open dialogue about the French Foreign Legion